Imagination is a natural tendency of man. He constantly thinks to make himself superior. In this process, when he sets a goal, he has a longing for ambition. One wants to become a doctor, one wants to become an engineer, one wants to become a leader, one wants to become a businessman, an actor, or a teacher. Every person wants to be something in life according to his interest. But only ambition without action is like a daydream. Most people in the world are ambitious, but very few people work hard to fulfill that ambition. It is an irrefutable truth that all the great men in the world who have been born so far are full of struggles, but their ambition to achieve their goals was so strong that the biggest problems in front of them bowed their heads.

Napoleon Bonaparte 

Napoleon Bonaparte

“Ambition is the desire of great character, who possesses it, they can do very good and very bad things.”

Arunima Sinha

Former Indian national level Baliwal player Arunima Sinha was thrown out of the Padmavati Express near Bareilly by some criminals on 12 April 2011 while trying to pull her bag and gold chain from Lucknow to Dehradun, causing her to lose one leg. In this situation, an ordinary man accepts to lead a life of mercy, but Arunima Sinha’s ardent ambition earned her the honor of being the first disabled female player to conquer Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak on 21 May 2013.

arunima sinha

In an interview, he said that “In our world, people decide from someone’s physical condition what we can be worth, but my conscience had decided to show the Everest summit the day you thought you You can do it on that day. The whole world together cannot stop you from reaching your goal. Being weak or disabled depends on our mood. If someone is handicapped by the mind, being strong with his body does not matter but he is your mind. If you are stronger than you, the disability of the body cannot be an obstacle in reaching you. ” Arunima Sinha has been honored with several other awards including Padma Shri in 2015, Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award in 2016 by the Government of India.

“Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without a fan.” -Salvador Dali

Friends, all the great things that have been done in the world so far are the result of strong ambition. A young man without ambition is just waiting to become an older person. That is, he cannot do anything in his life. In fact, we all have the ambition to succeed in life, but only those who succeed, despite any kind of difficulty, are not separated from the path of achieving their goals.

Bhagat SinghBhagat Singh

“I emphasize that I am full of special ambition, hope, and attraction to life, but I can renounce it all when needed and that is the true sacrifice.”

Somebody has said something amazing, they do not get their goals, whose dreams are big, rather they get the goals, who are adamant. Just think when someone can become the Tata by using ironwork and the Bata by the work of shoes, then what can we not do. All that is needed is to identify your abilities and set a definite goal and when that goal is achieved, one should set another relatively better goal. This process will take you forward on the path of continuous progress and a day will come when you will become exemplary for everyone. The only condition is that ambition be positive.

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda“Take an idea, make that idea your life, think about it, dream it, live that idea, let every part of your brain, muscles, nerves, body sink into that idea, and all the other thoughts Keep it aside, this is the best way to succeed. “

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