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Definition of Articles:

The words which show the importance of that Noun in Sentence by putting it in front of a Noun are called Articles. The use of articles in sentences makes the language strong and effective. Articles are a type of determiners according to Modern Grammar.

Types of Articles:

There are two types of articles:

A. Indefinite Articles:

‘A’ and ‘An’ are called the indefinite articles. ‘A’ or ‘An’ is used to make position of a noun indefinite or uncertain.

B. Definite Articles:

‘The’ is called the definite article because it normally points out some particular person or thing. ‘The’ is used to make position of a noun definite or certain.

Use of ‘a’:

1- All such countable nouns which are pronounced with Hindi consonants (a boy, a university, etc.)
2- Such proper nouns which are used like common noun (eg- He is a Shylock.)

Uses of ‘an’:

1-All such countable nouns which are pronounced with ‘vowel’ of Hindi (eg- an apple, an hour, an honest etc.).
2- Such abbreviation which is pronounced with the vowel of Hindi (eg- M.A., L.L.B., S.P. etc.).

Uses of ‘ the’:

1- Before all the identified (familiar) nouns – e.g. The boy is my son.
2- The name of the only geographical objects (except mountain peaks such as Mount Everest). e.g., the Himalaya, the Ganga. etc.
3- By putting the before a singular common noun, the whole society is aware of that noun, e.g. the cow, the fish etc.
4- Before the names of religious books. Like- the Ramayana.
(But not if the author’s name is preceded by his name, as in Vyas’s Mahabharat or Balmiki’s Ramayan.
5- If the directions are prepositioned, e.g., from the east.
6- On being adjective before a proper noun, e.g. the great Shakespeare, the great Kalidas.
7- Putting the before some Adjective gives a sense of a group, such as- the rich (rich people), the poor etc.
8. Before superlative degree, such as- the best, the greatest etc.
9- Before Ordinals, like- the first, the second etc. (But not before roman digits)
10- Such proper nouns which are used like common noun- Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.
11- Putting the before the name of the countries gives a sense of the residents there, such as the English (English), the French (French) etc.
12. With ‘All’ and ‘both’, eg – all the boys, both the same, etc.
13- Before historical events, such as the French Revolution.
14- Before someone’s surname, there is a sense of his entire family, like- the Sharma (Sharma family).
15- Before the name of other diseases except measles and mumps only.

Omission(omitted) of the articles:

1- Regular meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. do not take the before.
2- Before the name of the game.
3- Before the noun of the Vocational case. e.g. Let this room, “boy”.
4- When two Adjectives are for the same noun, then the will be used only for the first one, e.g. the black and white TV.
5- Such nouns which are used for self, such as- He goes to school.
6- Generally article is not used before all proper and material nouns.


Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with A, An or The where necessary:

  1. ……Ganga is ….. secred river.
  2. Which is …….longest river in India?
  3. He returned after……hour.
  4. English is ……easy language.
  5. Ayodhya is…….holy city.
  6. Kashmir is ……switzerland of India
  7. Honesty is ….best policy.
  8. Ravi is …….foolish boy
  9. He read in …….university.
  10. New Delhi is …….capital of India.
  11. Ravi was elected …..chairman of the board.
  12. Dr Mohan is ….M.B.B.S.
  13. Please give me ……. ten-rupee note.
  14. There is …… Kalidas in my school.
  15. There is …. boy in …room.
  16. He enjoyed …..lunch with his friends.
  17. ….. U.S.A. is ….richest country in ….. world.
  18. What …… innings it has been?
  19. We should not make ……. noise in …. class.
  20. One of my friends lives in …… U.S.A.

Answer: 1- the, a. 2-the. 3- an. 4- an. 5- a. 6- the. 7- the. 8- a. 9- a. 10- the. 11- the. 12- an. 13- a. 14- a. 15- a, the. 16- the. 17- the, the, the. 18- an. 19- a, the. 20- the.

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