Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

Friends, the fear of examination is very deep in our mind, it can be estimated from this that in a dream we can never succeed in the exam. Many types of difficulties are encountered. All of us must have experienced this.

exam preparation
Whatever the exam is, it is very important. The main reason for being important is that it brings significant changes in life. Many times in life we ​​have to go through many types of examinations whether it is related to school or competitive examinations or family, social, economic, political, or religious aspects. The more successful we are in this, the more it paves the way to move forward in that field. No general rule can be made for exam preparation related to other aspects of education as it is circumstantial but if the preparation of school or competitive examinations is done under a planned plan then the chances of success increase manifold.

Important Tips for Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

Here we will try to guide you better in the matter of how to plan for it. Here we are giving you 10 extremely useful exam preparation tips for this point by following which you can definitely make success your partner.

1: Be Ambitious

be ambitious

It is an irrefutable truth that if we study with the view of passing the exam then it becomes difficult to get success but if the studies are done to achieve a certain goal then our level of attachment towards that goal Simplifies this difficult task, just like when we leave from somewhere to go to our home, we do not care about the way because our attachment to the house makes this difficult task easy. Therefore, to be successful in life, it is very important to be ambitious in the first place. The people who did all the important things that have been done in the world were different from us only in the sense that their ambitions were bigger than ours. On the basis of this ambition, many great men have achieved their goal on the strength of effort even in the most difficult of circumstances.

2: Set Clear Goals

choose clear goal

The film’s dialogue is that “Once I make a commitment, I don’t listen to myself.” To really get success in life, it should be made a basic mantra. It is often seen that most of us are apprehensive about the goal. You will remember that after Dronacharya instructed his disciples to aim in the eye of the bird after teaching armamentology, other than Arjuna, other than his goal Seeing more things, this was the reason for their failure. Therefore, to become an Arjuna in your life struggle, you should always have clear goals. The goal should be chosen carefully, taking care of your interests, circumstances, and means. Once you have set your goal, it is very important, to be honest with it. Being honest means that one should stick to it. In the world, no two people can ever be completely identical. You have chosen your goal from your perspective, you should not believe it.

3: Knowledge of the Syllabus

know your syllabus

It is a well-known truth that without means we cannot achieve the goal. The better the means, the more feasible it is obtained. For better exam preparation, we must first have proper knowledge of its syllabus. The syllabus of schooling is determined by the concerned board/university and the syllabus for competitive examinations is also received with the advertisement.

4: Selection of Textbooks

select best books

Textbooks are the weapon that helps you get Vijayshree in the exam-related war. Therefore, the selection of textbooks should be done with due diligence in mind. Therefore, the selection of textbooks should be done on the basis of the experience of other successful people and a subtle examination of the textbooks related to the subject available in the market. One thing must be kept in mind that books of several authors or publishers related to one subject should not be collected together. When there are many books at once, we get entangled in their vortex trap in such a way that no one can read them completely. So when one book is fully studied, another should be taken.

5: Planned Action Plan

best action plan

After the selection of textbooks, for better exam preparation keeping in mind the time frame for the commencement of the examination, it is most important that a well-planned action plan is prepared for preparation. Your chances of success depend to a large extent on your action plan. While preparing the action plan, about two-thirds of the time should be spent for the preparation of the syllabus and one-third of the time for solving test and pre-exam question papers or model question papers. Mostly seen, many candidates do not focus on solving tests and model question papers, so despite having very good studies, they are not able to excel in the examinations. Through test papers and model papers, you not only revise your studies. But also learn the art of taking exams and writing questions.

6: Preparation of Notes

Forgetting is our natural tendency, so repeated revision is very important for better exam preparation. The contents of the books are so high that it is not possible to revise them again and again.

preparation of notesApart from this, they also contain many such materials which we have prior knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare your brief note, fully understanding the facts at the time of the first study. Only those things that need revision should be written in it. Not only this, while revising from the notes, one should try to make it more and more concise again and again, the number of revisions will be possible as short notes are made. Formulas should be made using the trick method of frequently forgotten facts.

7: Healthy Routine for the Best Exam Preparation

make healthy routine

The most important for achieving any goal in life is staying healthy. No feat can be achieved from a sick brain or a sick body. With a balanced diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation, you can keep yourself fit. We will try to guide you in detail on this subject soon by another article.

8: Be Motivated

be motivate

It is very important to listen to the interviews and thoughts of the people who have reached the pinnacle of success to keep them energetic by motivating themselves at the time of preparation. This also gives us the benefit of their experiences. One thing should be kept in mind that people with negative ideology should stay away from them because they cause the loss of our energy.

9: Review of the Action Plan

As the examination date near, we should also keep reviewing our action plan to increase our speed continuously. No plan is as complete as expected at the beginning. So it is necessary that time Changes should also be made in the time that is necessary so that it can be more effective.

10: Examination Day

in examination hall

No matter how much exam preparation is done, there is some nervousness on the exam day. If you start the practice by giving some mock tests a few days before the exam, then a lot of control can be found on it. This strengthens confidence. A minimum of 8 hours of deep sleep a day before the exam is extremely important. The food should be very light and digestible so that there is no difficulty during the exam time. Before going for exams, do not forget to take the blessings of the parents and pray to the presiding deity, because they give us invisible powers to succeed.

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