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How to increase concentration

Importance of Concentration

Sometimes you must have seen a heron hunting fish on the banks of the pond. You must have tested how he has become idolized for the purpose of achieving his goal. It is difficult to find the analogy of his concentration.
A concentrated effort is the most important thing in achieving any goal in life. This not only makes the most use of their energy, but many invisible powers also become active for cooperation.

After training the Pandavas in armaments, Dronacharya tested his armaments on the basis of his ability to concentrate towards the goal, in which you all know that apart from Arjuna, other disciples also had other things besides fish eye. Was visible Therefore Arjuna was proved to be the best archer.
That is to say, intense concentration is the first requirement in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife to reach the top.

How to increase concentration

Here today I am going to tell you in the term ‘How to increase concentration power’ some sensible measures for achieving deep concentration, through which I am sure that you will be successful in achieving your goal.

1. Continuous Focus on Goals

focus on your goal

The most important thing about life is to have goals in your life. Be determined to achieve your goal. Perseverance makes the most difficult task the simplest. The importance of your life is only when it is dedicated to a great goal.

2. Selection of a Favorable Environment

Selection of a Favorable Environment

A favorable environment has a very important role in increasing concentration. That is why in ancient times, the children of kings and maharajas used to renounce the comforts of the palace and stay in the Gurukul in the forest and learn different types of learning.

3. Avoid Multi-tasking

In multi-tasking concentration can never be achieved, rather it is dissolved as much as possible. When you have a lot of work in front of you, then you will not be able to concentrate on the work you are doing.

4. Work in a Planned Way

Only working in life in a planned way will get success. A good strategy and tireless hard work are the keys to success.

5. Stay Away from Negativity

Do not let such thoughts come to your mind that you cannot concentrate on yourself. This will send a message to the brain that you lack concentration. In such a situation, focusing on work will become even smoother.

6. Get plenty of sleep

After resting, a person’s brain starts working more effectively. 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day is sufficient for those doing average physical labor. Take short breaks or sleep for 15 to 30 minutes while working or while studying. By doing this, your brain will be refreshed and your concentration power will also increase.

7. Practice Meditation and Yoga

Practice Meditation and Yoga

Yoga does not mean just asana or pranayama. It is also a means to cultivate the mind along with the body. Meditation will definitely improve the power of concentration. When we meditate, we first try to tame the mind. By taking time for meditation every day, we only get a chance to work on our concentration techniques.

8. Love your Subject in Studies

Choose the subject according to your interest, this will keep your mind fixed on it. Along with this, it will always be remembered that you will achieve your goal. Only then will you remain in love with him.

9. Take the Help of the Spider Babe Technique

take help from spider babe technique

If you touch a spider web with something, then the spider will react and will see what is touching the trap. But if you do the same thing many times, then the spider will realize that there is no worm, and then she will stop watching. Spider technology means to behave like that spider. Keep in mind that there will be attention-getting activities and they will also affect your attention such as the closing of doors, the sound of birds. Whichever it is, stay focused on your work. Like that spider, ignore the things that affect your attention.

10- Get Entertained with a Concentrating Game

Sudoku, chess, etc. are some games which not only refresh your brain but also increase your concentration power. All these games require a lot of concentration.

I hope now you will be able to know perfectly that how to increase concentration power to achieve your goal.

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