Why is the Sky Blue?

The color of the sky is not it’s own. The color of the sky appears due to blue light scattering. Now, what is the scattering of light?

Scattering of Light

When light passes through a medium, in which the high size particles remain in it, some parts of the light are spread in all directions. This phenomenon is called scattering of light. The scattering of red light is the lowest, and purple light scattering.

Blue Looks of the Sky

There is an atmosphere around the earth in which there are many types of particles, water droplets, and steam, in addition to Argon gas and water in most cases, about 78 percent nitrogen and approximately 21 percent oxygen.

And they have dust, ashes, salts, etc., from seawater. Due to these things, we feel the color of your sky blue; there is no color of the sky; in fact, what we call the color is light.

The radiation of the sun, which there are many colors when it passes through the atmosphere, is scattered by the small particles of the particles and dust.

The scattering of light is inverse of the fourth ambush of wavelength. Since blue wavelengths are lowest. Therefore the blueprint is the highest.

Due to the darkness of purple and blue colors, the blue and purple colors are scattered around in the sky, due to which only blue lights reach our eyes directly, so the sky appears blue.

Question 1: Why is the sky not purple?

There will be a question in mind that why the sky does not appear to be purple in place of blue because it is more wavelength, so because our eyes are more sensitive to blue light and reduce purple color and sun, The light is also emitted in different recurring.

Question 2: If there was no atmosphere on earth, then how does the sky appear?

If there is no atmosphere on the earth, the sunlight does not scatter, so the color of the sky looks black instead of blue. The sky looks black from the space out of the earth’s atmosphere.

Question 3: What is the scattering of light?

Dispersing of the light due to the particles of the atmosphere is called scattering of light. From the seventh color of the sunlight, the purple color, blue, indigo is more scattered.

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