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How To Write A Check?

What is the check?

Check (CHEQUE) is a special type of paper on which information related to a person’s bank account, which helps the account holder bank, is checked in the name of the person/institution/company. , He should be paid from the account holder’s bank account.

Face Information on Check

There is a lot of information numbers and letters on the bank check. First of all, your bank IFSC code is written above the bank check, which receives information about your bank branch. After that, your bank account number is written above the check. Some numbers are written on the side under the check; before six numbers reflect your check number, i.e., this is your check number.

What is the IFSC Code?

The Full Form of the IFSC Code is “Indian Finance System Code” (Indian Financial System Symbols). Each bank’s branch is an 11-digit unique IFSC code that is used for an electronic transaction. IFSC Code is a bank brand address, which is very useful in online transactions.

What is MICR Code?

After the first number, we call nine numbers we call MICR code. MICR code we summarize “Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.” 9 Number MICR code is bitten into three parts; the first three numbers give information about the bank’s location, the middle number reflects the name of the bank. Each bank has a separate number of machine codes; it gives information about three points bank branches. After 9 number MICR code, there are 6 number account ID codes, in which information related to your account is hidden. Two points of the end are called transaction IDs; with the help of these digits, the machine becomes easily known that your check is a local check or any other place.

How To Write A Check?

While filling out the check, you can use your local language, Hindi, English, or whatever.

  1. When you fill the check, you first drag the two in the line. In the middle of which you write an account holder or A / C Payee. It is not necessary to write it. But you should write it. Along with this, if you are going to make money by yourself. So you do not write this.
  2. After this, you have to write the date on the check. You can write any compliments on the check. That’s not necessary. That day you are cutting checks. Write the same day’s date. But if you are cutting checks of old debt, keep in mind that not more than three months old date because checks are valid only for three months.
  3. After this, type the name of the person or institution company, which you want to pay by check. Suppose you are full of checks to remove money. So you have to write self or self here.
  4. Suppose you are paying more money through the check. So after the name, you can write a bank account number.
  5. After writing the name and account number, if there is an empty place, you should pull the front line. Thereby can not change any name or account number.
  6. After this, the holder is written, or the Bearer wrote, cut him. Suppose you do not bite him. So any person can go to the bank and cash the check. It is not necessary that the person whose name is written. The same bank goes to the money. But if you cut the holder or OR Bearer. So you can only get money from this person. Whose name will be written on the check?
  7. Now you are giving you a check of rupees in front of Rupees / Rupees. Write as much money. Like if you are giving a check of ₹ 10000. So only write ten thousand rupees in words.
  8. Along with this, you have to write money in the next column—the amount you want to give or remove you through the check.
  9. After now, you have to sign down your sign. You have to sign in that way. The kind of sign you will be on the form while opening the bank account.

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