How to Treat Cold and Cough at Home

The problem of being cold-cough and colds as well as changing weather is common due to this, pain and flu trouble increase. It is not necessary to go to the doctor every time for these small problems, because they are present in our kitchen. On being cold-cough and colds, many Indians believe in the Indigents present in any Indian kitchen.
Let’s tell you some household prescriptions in cough-cold.

Home Remedies for Relief from Cough and Cold

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is the first choice of many Indian homes today, which is the first choice of many Indian homes, which is from the chest of ginger tea. This is also more delicious in drinking; it is also beneficial for health. With its intake, you can get rid of problems like colds, coughs, and colds. It has many advantages, such as the consumption of this tea, you can overcome your flowing nose. At the same time, it also removes the cough from the respiratory tract.

2. Amla Intake

Amla for cough is considered quite effective. Let’s say that in addition to improving blood circulation, vitamin C is beneficial in many ways. By incorporating Amla in your food, you can increase the source of anti-oxidants. This helps to strengthen your immune.

3. Mix Honey, Lemon, and Cardamom

Put a pinch of cardamom powder and some drop lemon juice drops in half a teaspoon honey. Consume this syrup twice. You will get great relief from cough.

4. Tulsi is a Pharmaceutical Medicine for Cough

Tulsi is used as a cough medication. For this, you can remove the juice of basil leaves; it is quite beneficial. This is a very effective solution to fix cough.

5. Using Aloevera

Everybody has a cough from elders or the child’s cough; all the mixture of aloe vera juice and honey is very effective. It is considered to be a very beneficial drug (Khasi Ki Dawa) of cough.

6. Use of Linseed

With the help of Linsey, you can get rid of troubles such as cold-cough and colds. For this, you boil the linseed seeds until thickening and mix lemon juice and honey. The intake of this mixture assures cough.

7. Use of turmeric milk

It works well for dry throat, infection, and most types of cough. In addition, turmeric is known to increase immunity and protect immunity on a diet. Drink a glass of hot turmeric milk, and your throat will be fine in a short time.

8. Use of Turmeric and Ovarian

Put ten grams of turmeric and ten grams of ovarian in a cup of water. When the water remains half, add a little jaggery in it. It gets relaxed immediately in colds, and the water reduces the flowing water.

9. Use of Lukewarm Water

Winter-cough, drink lukewarm water only. Indeed, lukewarm water helps to fight the sore winter, cough, and throat. The lukewarm water reduces inflammation in the throat and pulls out the infection from the body. Apart from mixing salt in hot water, it gets great relief during cough-cold. This gives relief to the throat and also gets relief from cough. This is also a very old recipe.

10. Use of Ginger and Salt

Using ginger and salt together, you can get relief from cold-cough and colds. For this, you cut the ginger into small pieces and add salt to it. Now eat it one by one. Your throat will open with its juice, and the germs will also die.

11. Benefit from Black Pepper in Colds

If there is mucus with cough, then take half a teaspoon black pepper with indigenous ghee. Will get comfort.

12. Use of Munka

Boil 7-8 munka in the water and boil. When the water remains half, then remove the munka and drink water. This gives relief from the problem of the nose.

Avoiding in Volds

  • Do not consume cold and later things.
  • Reduce curd and rice intake.
  • Cold drink, ice cream should not eat icy water and snow things.
  • Do not consume junk food and oily food.
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.


EasyStudy 21 does not confirm the methods, medicines, and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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