Anything is Possible

One day, I read a fascinating article related to a shark attack, which came back in 196. This is the U.S, and the northeast was played with the coast and was related to a great white shark terrorizing the New Jersey beaches.

Now everyone knows and accepts that a shark is a sea creature and needs salty water to survive. So no one thought that a shark could attack them in fresh water, but this happened later that year.

This particular shark remained close to the shore and ultimately rotated a river stream around Raritan Bay, attacking some Baths upstream.

Before coming to the attacks, this shark saw the upstream swim when crossing a bridge in the name of a retired Marine captain, Thomas Central. He could not believe his eyes but still came to his boat and raised the alarm. It is not surprising that anyone did not believe him. “A shark in a river? Let’s be real; it’s not possible.”

But do you know what? As incredibly it seems that there was a shark in the river, and those who did not warn were in danger of attacking.

Eventually, this shark killed two people. The first victim was a teen who could hear the warning of the catalase or not. Shortly after this attack, another person jumped into the water to see the victim, even if he was told that there was a shark in the water. He was also attacked and was dead with severe losses of blood.

While reading it, I could not help think about September 11, and I can see the similarity between these two stories.

When asked by the U.S. Congress and the media, “clues” should have been raised, along with the heads of the FBI and CIA, the members of the Bush administration responded, “We did not think they would use the airplane to missiles in the form of. ”

If the FBI and the CIA believed that whatever happened to 9/11, it was possible that they would have taken steps in such places, which could prevent it from happening. But they did not, even if the kidnappers left dozens of “clues.”

Similarly, if the swimmers of the American East Coast believed that when they told them that there was a shark in the river, it is likely that this shark has not been killed that day.

But because they believed that it was “impossible” to get a shark in freshwater, they completely neglected the warning, such as American law enforcement agencies, resulting in many people paying with their lives Was doing.

On the other hand, some such people eliminate extraordinary obstacles and fulfill incredible feats. Every day we hear the stories of those who the so-called “experts told” they did not have it, yet regardless of it.

The lesson here is that anything is possible, both good and bad. Please do not believe in believing or in something; it does not mean that whatever happens will not be affected. But it means that based on what you think, you can take some action that can save you some horrible or make out of a terrible situation.

Many of us are in terrible circumstances, including poverty, pigments, loans etc. Those who have changed their position did this because they believed they could make it.

Those who do not believe that they can change their position, otherwise they will do something about it.

How many opportunities have you remembered because you thought it would not work or was not possible? Just think what you can do if you believe that you can do anything, even feel your dreams too?

You have great talent about which you have not done anything, because you probably believed that you could not do it.

I hope that you have been shown through this short article that anything is possible. And by believing it, “I can,” your fight has already won half.

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