Anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing Poorly

When you learn how to drive, take your mind back. That for the first time, you pressed your foot on the throttle, and the engine shouted. You lifted your left leg with such panache and moved forward with such velocity that you will be beaten to any kangaroo.

Can you drive now? Then we relax our case:

Anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing Poorly.

Do you play tennis for the first time? Do you get the service for the first time? Or you carefully threw the ball in the air and threw a racket !!! What’s right now? Was it worth spoiling it for the first time?

What happened to the first time with your bucket of balls on the driving range? You put the ball down, rotated it entirely, and hit it for 500 yards ?????? Or, did you do:
1. Remember it ultimately,
2. Follow and fall through
3. Take a good part of the mat or grass with a shot
4. It hit it with such force it managed to have some yards and stopped.

What’s all this?

Remind yourself;

Whenever you do something that you have not done before.
Whenever you try to break an old habit.
Whenever you are going to do something worth doing.

There are obstacles that you are going to make its hair. Could you not give it? You are normal. Do not listen to that important voice inside your head, “It is not good. I can not do this. I will never try”.

Listen to the powerful, self-confirming voice,
“Okay. Remember. Is worth doing anything, worthless”
And laugh and keep moving.

So, whether your goal is to quit smoking … Diet … .. stop drinking …… Change your job, learn a language, learn a language, do a business, whatever it is, accept it. Please make that you are going to do it earlier. Then gradually you will be better and better with practice.

It tries to improve itself. It tries to become the best salesperson in the city. It tries to create a successful business. It strives to lose weight. It tries to follow your dream.

But. If you want to improve yourself! …… If you want to learn a new skill …… There is only one way to start ………

So whatever you want to do. Whatever you dream! Whatever you see yourself in five years. It all starts with fooling yourself now. So you can meet it. Go, go for your vision!

Anything worth doing to do anything is worth spoiling.

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