Creating Greater Success Through Reflection

If I could offer you a device or source that would certainly alter your life in favorable methods, alter your outcomes, develop even more joy in your life as well, as assist you in improving at anything you wanted And if I could guarantee you that this device would certainly cost you absolutely nothing, need just on your own as well as could be utilized any time . . .

Would you be fascinated?

I’ll wager you would certainly. Now at the danger of seeming a little like a circus barker or utilized vehicle salesman, what I informed you isn’t buzz – there is such a device. And you currently have it.

The device is a representation

I’m certain that you recognize individuals who have gotten on work for one decade and have remained to improve as well as far better at their job. You possibly likewise recognize individuals who have gotten on work for ten years. Yet, it resembles they have one year of experience, ten times. In various other words, they never actually assessed their job and outcomes; therefore, absolutely nothing appears to improve. They do not appear to pick up from their previous experiences.

Which of these individuals would certainly you employ? Which of these individuals do you desire in your group?

But I’m Too Busy

The primary factor I listen to for individuals not showing is that they are also active. They are also active in relocating from job to job, from job to job, and an occasion to occasion. When they state this difficulty to me, they finish by asking, “When would certainly I have time to show?”

Our lives are a lot various than were the lives of our grandparents. 75 or 100 years earlier at night, individuals would certainly collect around a table or remain on the front veranda, sip cold tea, and check out concerning their day. What they were doing was unwinding and, while not in an organized means, they were assessing their day.

We all recognize that this sort of representation jobs since one of the things we ask our kids when they get home from college is, “How was your day?”

We state we are also active – that the factor we do not show is that we don’t have porch time. Somehow we do find television time – and while there is nothing wrong with television – it doesn’t allow us the space, time or opportunity to reflect as we sit watching it.

Other Reasons

Time is typically our excuse, but it isn’t the only reason we don’t reflect. We also don’t reflect because:

  • We do not think about it.
  • We don’t realize the importance of it.
  • We don’t value it.
  • We don’t think we know how to do it.

Hopefully, reading this helps you get past the first reasons. Let me deal now with the last one – the issue of skill.


We all know how to reflect, consider . . .

They were sitting around a table with friends playing a card game. In between hands, people are talking about what they could have done, should’ve done, might’ve done – all of this conversation is a simple reflection. And while some people playing the game don’t like to “overanalyze it,” spending that time in conversation about what just happened will make us better card players in the future.

Or for those in a different generation, the reflection is the time they take between two rounds in a video game as they quickly think about what happened and how they do it differently the next time.

Golfers quickly analyze their swing as they watch the trajectory of their shots, thinking about what worked and what they might adjust.

And we do it at work, thinking about how the meeting or presentation went as we leave and move to the next item on our calendar.

So we know-how, and we even do it sometimes, but how can we use this skill more successfully?
How to Reflect More Effectively

Make time.

Reflection is about having time. We all have the time, regardless of how busy our schedules are. Reflect in the shower. Reflect on the drive to work (turn off your radio or your iPod and think). Reflect on the moments before you go to sleep. Reflect with your family as you eat a meal. Turn off the tv. There is time – we have to carve it out.
Ask questions. Reflection is about thinking as well as questions that help our brains think. Consider using his list of questions as your “starter set” of reflective questions – the questions to help you think of what happened and what you can learn.

  • What worked? Why?
  • What didn’t work? Why?
  • What does this situation remind you of?
  • How can I use this experience?

How does this experience relate to other situations I’ve been in? What can I learn from that situation?
Knowing what I know now, what would I do differently next time?

Think more broadly.

Don’t just apply your thinking to how you would do this same task or respond in this same situation the next time. Our lives are too complex for that! Think about what you can take from this experience and apply it to other related or perhaps even unrelated situations. Look for generalizations, patterns, tendencies and underlying principles. When we assume more broadly, we make our reflection time infinitely more beneficial to our lives.

This is some of my reflection on reflection. As we practice this ability, we will certainly get far better at it, and our results will begin to improve dramatically. Make the moment. Ask the questions. And by all means, apply what you learned. When you do this, you will make your life experiences your most precious source of learning, as well as your most abundant ground for your very own success.

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