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16 Tips to Save Electricity

Consumption of electricity is not only our whole world because energy conservation is essential. If we are using natural energy or solar energy, there is no concern.

Here we are going to tell you about some easy and effective measures to save power, which can not only reduce your electricity bill but can contribute to environmental protection:

  1. If you are using the wings of the roof, then you must get the regulator. The fan often has to run at the same speed although the cold and electricity is also used more.
  2. If possible, remove the old fan and bring a new one. The old fan was 75 watts, but now the 35-watt fans present in the new market consume a lot of power.
  3. If you do not need it, unplug the charger of other things, including mobiles, cameras, laptops, and it keeps consuming power.
  4. Light where there is no need. By doing so, electricity is also saved. Also, burn only table lamps at night.
  5. Use Natural Light in the day. Place the color of the lightweight shed in the room. By doing so, there is more light in the house, and the need for lighting is less.
  6. Often, the dust in the bulb, tube light, CFL, etc., is also low, due to which the second light has to burn. Keep cleaning in the middle in the middle.
  7. The use of compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulbs instead of the ordinary bulb (incandescent bulbs) can be saved enough energy. CFL and LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient and long Huh.
  8. Clean it regularly if you use an electric kettle or water heating machine or kettle. Many times the salaries are spent more spent.
  9. Take electric iron, whose temperature is closed automatically. Do not iron on wet clothes while I iron. Also, do not even sprinkle more water on clothes, and even more, power is spent.
  10. Geyser always keep not running. Do not set more on the geyser temporarily. If possible, use a gas geyser.
  11. Suppose you do not work for computer, TV, music system, etc. Close the main switch by doing so, power consumption will survive.
  12. In the computer process, at least the monitor can save power even then. Also saves electricity from running computer or laptop in Energy Saving Mode. It should be avoided using a screen saver; more power is consumed.
  13. Opening the door of the fridge repeatedly also consumes more power. Also, avoid keeping the hot things fridge because it increases the consumption of power.
  14. Insulate your home: By ensuring that there are good seals on doors and windows, you can sign up for the cost of energy. From insulation (insulation), the cold air will not be out of your home during the heat, and hot air will go out during the winter.
  15. Try to cool the house by running the air conditioner on the same templar. 
  16. While buying any new electronic gadget, definitely see the level of energy efficiency. You should buy 4 or 5-star rating equipment while buying fridge, TV, AC, washing machine, geyser, heater etc. This will reduce your electricity bill, and the consumption of power will decrease.

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