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Vastu Tips For Home Decoration

What is the Importance of Vastu Shastra in Decoration?

Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in every part of the house. Present in the place where there is a complete break in the progress of the house members; on the other hand, there is a collection and negativity in the house. If little attention is given to such small things, the house can be freed from architectural defects. Who does not like home decoration? But in this decoration, the attention of a little Vastu Scripture is also taken, the house will not only look beautiful, but the prosperity will continue. Let’s look at those things that can be used in the home decoration, which will also help increase the money.

1. According to Vastu Scriptures, if the sofa placed in the drawing-room of the house is inserted towards the south-west, it is good. Along with this, but TV in the west direction. Vastu has been stated that the color of the house’s walls should be light. This keeps peace in the place, and the effect of positive energy increases. Not only this, but the households should also be similar to the color of the wall. To maintain the house’s atmosphere, it will make a difference by keeping black crystals towards the northeast direction of the house. If you want to keep the statue of Ganesh Ji in the drawing-room of the house, then it is better to keep the figure of her sitting.

2. Positive energy is developed by applying Ganesh Ji’s statue at the home gate. Simultaneously, the wind chime, sun-motion can be imposed at the main entrance.

3. Things can be installed or deleted according to Vastu in the home bedroom. Say the clock should not be taken over the head. In the bedroom, Radha-Krishna should not keep any statue of any God. Along with this, keep your beds simple.

4. To maintain happiness and prosperity at home, but the green vase in the northeast direction. Manipal plant should be made in the north direction for promotion in a job or business.

5. According to Vastu, the idol of Mother Lakshmi is considered to be very auspicious in the north. But one thing to keep a picture of Mother Lakshmi, in which they are sitting on the lotus and gold coins are dropped my hands. Such a picture is likely to come to prosperity.

6. Keeping the pyramid of silver, pride, or copper in the house is worth the house. The pyramid should keep the family members spending the highest time.

7. Not only that, according to Vastu, it is also considered auspicious to put a black horse on the house’s main gate. It is believed that it rescues a bad look, and the career progresses.

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