Lanzarote Beaches – Haria

Haria is one of the most north of Lanzarote’s seven districts. It can say thanks to the Sahara Desert and solid winds, wherefore some consider it as Lanzarote’s finest coastlines.

What is Malpaís de la Corona (“badlands”) in Lanzarote Beaches’ Haria?

The whole coast is referred to as Malpaís de la Corona (“badlands”) as well as is scattered with white as well as gold sand, which socializes totally with volcanic lava developing tiny protected bays, which are optimal for swimming. This mainly backwoods harbors much of the all-natural wonders of Lanzarote, such as Jameos del Agua and La Cueva de Los Verdes.

Here initial of 5 coastlines of Haria is being assessed around.

1. El Caletón Blanco

First beach El Caletón Blanco (“The huge inlet”), determining half a kilometer long as well as 9 m. broad, containing great white sand.
Camping is also allowed on the coastline, yet you’ll need to obtain prior local authorization at the Lanzarote Town Council (Cabildo). There is enough room for auto parking, and the guaguas (autobus) also quit right here.

2. El Risco

Our 2nd coastline is referred to as El Risco, determining 845m long as well as 8m broad and containing great white sand. This coastline obtains extremely gusty, although Isla Graciosa sanctuaries it somewhat from the rougher seas. It is a 400m climb down, except for the chickenhearted. The waves are modest.

3. Caleta Caballo

Our 3rd coastline is called Caleta Caballo, determining 60 m long as well as 7m broad and containing white sand with stones. It is gusty with modest waves providing great problems for windsurfing. This comes by guaguas (autobus).

4. Caleta del Mojón

Our 4th coastline around is called Caleta del Mojón, determining 100 m long as well as 13m broad and contains great white sand as well as picon (the tiny black lava rocks frequently located in yards).

5. La Garita

Our 5th and last coastline around is referred to as La Garita, determining 810m long as well as 5m broad and containing great white/golden sand. Calm waters make this a great practicing ground before you handle the more powerful waves in other places in the location. Unlike the various different country coastlines, this set remains in a semi-urban area with a boardwalk and solutions such as dining establishments, drink stands, telephones, parking lot, bathrooms, and a kids’ backyard. It comes by guaguas (autobus).

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