Garudasana is an essential posture of yoga science. Garuda is the word of the Sanskrit language; it is also called the eagle in Hindi. Garuda is seen as a symbol of fighter from the evil powers in civilizations worldwide.

According to yoga science, Garudasana is one of the significant rugs to be standing. With the continuous practice of Garudasana, the body also gets a lot of benefits.

What is Garudasana?

According to Yoga Science, Garudan is the basic level posture. Garudasana should do only for 15-30 seconds on foot, and then it can also be done on the other foot.

Garudasana comes from the stretch in shoulders, thighs, hips, ankles, pillions and upper back. At the same time, its regular practice strengthens the ankles and pillions.

What is The Right Way to Garudasana?

1. First stand directly.
2. Slow the right knee down towards.
3. Try to wrap the left foot around the right leg.
4. Your left foot should touch the lower part of the right pillion.
5. Raise both hands to the height of the shoulder.
6. Wrap the right hand around the left.
7. By making balances, bend the hips slowly.
8. Stay in the middle of the knee body; let them bend the body right.
9. Stay in this situation for 15-30 seconds.
10. Keep breathing deep and slow.
11. Try to focus on the third eye by closing the eyes.
12. Slowly come in general position and practice this posture again from the other leg.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Garudasan?

It should be practised only in the morning. But if you are doing this asana in the evening, you must take food at least 4 to 6 hours before and before you have been defecative and the stomach is empty.

What are The Benefits of Garudasan?

Garudasan is such a posture that ends the mind’s fear, ego, and suspicion. This transmits positivity in your body and mind. With regular practise of this posture, you become stronger and focused than ever. Just like the eagle is at hunting. Other benefits of this posture are as follows:

1. The meaning of ‘flying in the air is due to the energy flow after coming into this situation. This flow, or energy, gives you the power to facie hard and strengthen. Especially in that situation, when difficulties surround you.
2. If you do Garudasan with an open mind and full power, you will soon cross all the obstacles. Apart from this, positive energy continuously flows in your entire body and mind.
3. Thighs, hips, upper back and shoulders get stretched.
4. Enhances focus and balance of the body.
5. Feet muscles and cuff muscles are strong.
6. Reduces the pain of arthritis and sciatica.
7. Helps make waist, legs and hips more flexible.
8. This also helps reduce the stress of the mind.


The viewers of this short article ought to work out all preventative measures before adhering to any one of the asanas from this short article and the website. To prevent any type of trouble while doing the asanas, it is recommended that you get in touch with a physician and also a yoga exercise trainer. The duty exists only with the viewers and not with the author’s website.

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