How to meditate

Do the eyes seem difficult to sit down and sit down? – Do not worry about this; you are not alone. Those who want to learn to care to have some simple solutions below. As you will be regular in these exercises, you will go into the depth of attention.

Simple Measure Technique to Meditate in Early Stages

This easy suggestion is very impressive for the experience of deep attention.

1. Choose a Convenient Time

Meditation is time to relax, so according to its convenience. Such time should be selected when you are in solitude andu do not have any quick time. The time of sunrise and sunset is the most ideal for practicing meditation.

2. Keep the Stomach Empty

Before food, time is good for meditation. You may feel sleepy after meals, and do not try more attention when hungry. Due to the cramping of hunger, and maybe you just think about eating. In such a case, you can meditate after two hours of food.

3. Choose a Quiet Location

Find a similar and quiet place for meditation where you can sit separately and carefully meditate. Make a holy place for yourself that is only for the practice of your attention.

Sit on a chair of Hathhe or the ground – sit and sit on the woolen blanket or silk. It blocks the flow of the earth towards the bottom of your consciousness.

3. Proper Posture

First of all, the proper posture by which the spinal stairs are straightened for meditation. When the devotee is trying to send his mind and life to the intimate consciousness in the spinal cycles, he should avoid shrinkage and contraction in the spanked nerves due to improper posture.

For this, sit in a chair of a third that you have to keep your feet flat on the ground. The spinal matter is straightforward, the stomach inside the inside, the chest outward, the shoulder backward, and the parallel land of the zombie. Keeping the palms upwards, keep both hands on the thigh and stomach treaty so that bending can prevent the body.

When the new practitioner sits for meditation on the rigid land, the feet fall asleep due to the pressure of muscles and blood ducts. But if he dumps on the ground or the flatbed and puts a blanket on it and sits in Padmasan or inexhaustible, then there will be no pain in his legs.

4. How to Start Meditation

Follow the following 5 points for deep meditation:

A) Most notice is nothing more than sitting down and breathing in a balanced way. However, the difficulty is hidden in the same simplicity, whether it is a challenge in itself a few moments. An easy way is to start counting the countdown count from 10. Take your attention to count and let your mind go into a calm state. If you have appropriate time, this practice is very effective, and you can start the vomiting count at 50 or 100.

B) Along with breathing and leaving, try to see it with the eyes. Imagine filling oxygen (air) in your body and realizing that blood generates energy in your whole body.

C) Simply sit down and thank those moments, that peace and thanks to that silence, who gave your attention together: A little positive thoughts can make your entire day energetic.

D) Sure time for meditation: Follow your made timetable. Slowly it will start to feel comfortable.

E) If you reach the end of the meditation, do not hurry to open your eyes. On opening the eyes, the mind starts escaping things, so open the eyes slowly after the meditation. Take time to be aware of your copy and atmosphere.

If you feel lacking enthusiasm in life and your emotional problems are affecting your work, you must meditate. Meditation is very important to handle your daily life problems.

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